You start a classifieds website and you do a great job with it, after some time you start seeing the traffic on your website is getting bigger in an increasing rate. Then, a time comes where you need to expand to another city, area, category or to another country!

Such expansion plans require money and funding from different sources. Today we heard that Quikr, the largest classifieds platform in India, has raised its capital by 90$ Million which makes its value now approximately 250$ million.

Quikr started in July 2008 and now this five year old company is ranking #13 on Alexa being the #1 classifieds site on the list with around 32 million visitors every month.

Now, Open Classifieds offers you the opportunity to become the next Quikr easily, we really encourage you to start your idea now without hesitation. If you have a great classifieds idea in mind don’t let someone else start it for you, do the action now!

What we would like is to have one of our users write this same success story in some time from now after using our free script and becoming a leader in his market! If you have such a success story feel free to share it in the comment section below and let us hear in which step you are at in reaching that great success.

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