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We are always trying to please and surprise our users. That’s why we work so hard on developing new themes for you. Our goal is to develop several new (premium) themes, that come packed with a fresh new look and in some cases, more functionality. In addition to this, we also focus on providing themes that are suitable for specific types of classified sites. Today we release a new theme. We call it “Job Drop” and it is designed for people and organizations that want to post job offers online.


For these types of classifieds, having millions of photos contained in myriads of galleries just isn’t appropriate. We decided to do the right thing. We built the theme keeping everyday professionals in mind; whilst still pertaining to the important aspects of visual representation – so that it doesn’t appear too dull and gloomy. People in search of a vacancy aren’t focusing on photos, but rather on the content, description and title of the ad. Therefore the Job Drop theme doesn’t have a slide show on the homepage, but instead a list of the latest vacancies that have been posted. On this page a user can already narrow down the results using the filter options. This makes it easy to find open positions in the category or location that the user is looking for. Of course there is also a search option that can be used to go through the complete database of vacancies.


The new theme (just like all our other themes) is very easy to use and it includes all the fields that are necessary for posting a new job vacancy. Users will have many fields to select from, such as the ones listed below:

  • job type
  • job description
  • experience required (number of years)
  • qualifications required
  • salary
  • salary type, etc.

The Job Drop theme also has more to offer, with this product it is possible for job seekers to post their resume and present themselves to employers. This useful feature increases the user’s visibility, feeds prospective employees to the employer and adds to your website’s functionality, making it that much more valuable. This way employers can also go looking for the perfect candidates.



This amazing theme, comes delivered with the standard ‘infinite scroll’ feature (like the one found on most of our themes). Vacancies are also refreshed automatically as they are listed, and this means that reloading the page is not necessary. Users can see all their favorite jobs on a single page.

If employers want to publish a ‘future ad’, they can simply set the date, add all the other necessary information and let the software worry about the rest; because it will then publish the ad automatically when that date in the future comes.


Is this theme just what you were looking for? Check it out for yourself, go and take a look at the live demo.


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