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If you’re running a limited user classifieds website (could also be useful for larger websites) then chat is a powerful tool that would enhance your user experience. A couple of releases ago we added a chat widget to the list of widgets you could choose from.

To add a chat box to your website you need to follow the next steps:

1. Log in to your Admin Panel

2. Go to Appearance > Widgets

3. Select Chat and press Create

Widgets4. Input your settings (here you have to make sure that you input a name for your chat room that is unique and not used before, otherwise you will get an empty box) and select Save Changes

chat 3

After following the steps you can visit your website and see the chat room functioning.

Some extras you can know about the chat widget:

  1. If you log in with Twitter your avatar would show on chat.
  2. If you paste a link to an image, it will show the image inline. Also, pasted URLs will turn into links.
  3. There is some (limited) Markdown support: __bold__, _italic_, `code`, > blockquote, * list, — hr, ~~strike~~, [alt](link) and ![alt](image.jpg).


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